Sesskia’s Diary, part 140

5 Nevrine

Now that we have two pouvrin in common, it’s easier to find common points for discussion. We’re inventing a whole new vocabulary of “bends” and “flexion” and “beadery” and “star-rods” and other words meaningless except as they pertain to the pouvrin. After dark, I tried to give Jeddan the shape of the concealment pouvra, and while it didn’t work, he said he understands it and it’s just a matter of learning to bend his will. Based on what he’s said during all these conversations, I get the feeling bending his will is what Jeddan finds most difficult to do.

We should reach Hasskian tomorrow sometime. When we weren’t talking about pouvrin, we’ve been talking about how to warn the city. We certainly don’t look like anyone of importance, and least of all like Balaenic soldiers—too bad our uniforms are Castaviran, since that would get us attention of the wrong sort.

The last time I came through here, Falak Endolessar was Lord Governor of Hasskian, but that was several years ago, so it’s possible he’s been ousted. But I don’t think so. He’s a clever politician, good at keeping just enough of his promises to stay in power, and I think in a twisted way he really does care about Hasskian’s well-being, insomuch as that reflects well on him as their beneficent ruler.

Hasskian’s prosperous enough, and the nearby towns benefit from being part of its economy. I stayed here just long enough to pick up the trail of a book I needed, and I liked the city all right, though I wouldn’t want to live there—the walls are a little oppressive.

At any rate, I can’t think of anything we could do to draw Endolessar’s attention that wouldn’t also get us tossed in a cell. So my plan, if you can call it that, is to enter the city and see what happens. At least I’m confident they won’t arrest us just for walking through the gate.

6 Nevrine, late

Nothing went the way we expected. I was going to write about it all, but now that I’ve got pencil to paper I realize I’m just too exhausted to think. Tomorrow.

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