Sesskia’s Diary, part 187

1 Seresstine (continued) I wish we had some way to communicate. The Castaviran mages do, or did, so I’m sure we could too if we had time and space to figure it out. I don’t like not knowing what’s happening back in Venetry. And I’m used to being able to go over the day’s events…Continue reading Sesskia’s Diary, part 187

Sesskia’s Diary, part 186

1 Seresstine A new start to a new month. I’d like to think it’s auspicious, but the King came to Fianna Manor first thing this morning, and he’s not an early riser so I was afraid he was going to tell everyone he’d changed his mind. But no, he wanted to see the mages who…Continue reading Sesskia’s Diary, part 186

Sesskia’s Diary, part 185

31 Nevrine, continued I bowed to each person there, then left the manor and flitted to where everyone was practicing to talk to Jeddan. Then we cancelled practice and gathered everyone in the ballroom to explain what was happening. They knew how long the army had been waiting to march out, so they were all…Continue reading Sesskia’s Diary, part 185

Sesskia’s Diary, part 184

31 Nevrine I met with King and Chamber this morning in what I think of as the audience room, the room Jeddan and I saw them in first. This time, I was escorted by a pair of armed soldiers, which would have reminded me uncomfortably of being taken to see the God-Empress all those times…Continue reading Sesskia’s Diary, part 184

Sesskia’s Diary, part 183

30 Nevrine Nothing happened yesterday. I slept for a while, then practiced the flitting pouvra to go to the practice field and back. It’s very disorienting. I can flit a few hundred yards, but then I have to pause to find a new point to aim at. Jerussa says it gets easier with practice, but…Continue reading Sesskia’s Diary, part 183

Sesskia’s Diary, part 182

28 Nevrine, night Mages doing very well. I wish the army would move out, because we’re getting to the point where they’re going to lose their edge if they don’t have some new challenges. Jeddan and I have been trying to figure something out. Asked Mattiak for suggestions, and he said maybe it was time…Continue reading Sesskia’s Diary, part 182