The Saga of Willow North

READING ORDER for the Tremontane novels:

  • Pretender to the Crown
  • Guardian of the Crown
  • Champion of the Crown
  • Ally of the Crown
  • Stranger to the Crown
  • Scholar of the Crown
  • Servant of the Crown
  • Exile of the Crown  parts 1 and 2
  • Rider of the Crown
  • Exile of the Crown parts 3 and 4
  • Agent of the Crown
  • Voyager of the Crown

Before the North family ruled Tremontane, there was a thief named Willow…

The Saga of Willow North is a three-volume prequel to the Crown of Tremontane series. The main character, Willow, is a thief who gets caught up in the power struggle when the King’s brother, Terence, murders the King. Fleeing the country with the eight-year-old heir, Felix, Willow’s involvement in the fight to regain the Crown grows as her attachment to the child does. But fleeing the country is just the beginning…

Read Willow’s story in Pretender to the Crown, Guardian of the Crown, and Champion of the Crown.