Hearts and Swords BIG Promotion!

          I’m part of the Hearts and Swords ebook sale at Miranda Honfleur’s site May 11-13. Most books are either 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited. This is a great opportunity to buy romantic fantasy books and maybe find a new favorite. Check it out!


It’s here! The next book in my Extraordinaries series, WONDERING SIGHT, is released today. How am I going to celebrate? With a visit to the dentist, you know, like you do… WONDERING SIGHT is the story of Sophia Westlake, the Extraordinary Seer who discovered the secret of how the pirates were tracking the Royal Navy…Continue reading Release Day: WONDERING SIGHT

Monday morning reading

Monday. I don’t actually dread Mondays. They’re like resetting the switch for the week, getting a fresh start. I like to start Monday with a new book, though this week it’s actually an old book called Ripley Under Water. I found the book The Talented Mr. Ripley in New Orleans and gradually became addicted to…Continue reading Monday morning reading

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

  How would you like to win one of four $200 AMAZON GIFT CARDS? That’s right, $200! Just click on this link to go to The Kindle Book Review’s giveaways, running Feb. 8-22. There are a lot of authors sponsoring the giveaway (including me!) and this is a great time to discover new favorite reads and get…Continue reading Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

New release 12/17–EXILE OF THE CROWN

I never imagined, when I wrote the first three books of Tremontane, that Zara North would be so popular. In response to all the questions about what happened to her after SERVANT OF THE CROWN, I wrote a novella touching on a few events of her life over the fifty years (fifty years!) following her…Continue reading New release 12/17–EXILE OF THE CROWN

Last day of sale!

It’s Cyber Monday, and today’s the last day you can get my e-books at the low price of $1.99! Great for gift-giving, or just for yourself. Shop at Amazon, Smashwords (scroll down), Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more.

Black Friday sale!

All my books are on sale November 27-30 for $1.99 each! Shop online and avoid the crazy that is Black Friday: Amazon, Smashwords (scroll down), Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more.