That’s right, BURNING BRIGHT will be released as an audiobook! When? Not sure yet. But soon! The exciting part is that my daughter, who has a reading disability and has never read one of my books, will now be able to without someoneĀ sitting and reading it to her. Since she does her reading late at…Continue reading BURNING BRIGHT audiobook!

New release 12/17–EXILE OF THE CROWN

I never imagined, when I wrote the first three books of Tremontane, that Zara North would be so popular. In response to all the questions about what happened to her after SERVANT OF THE CROWN, I wrote a novella touching on a few events of her life over the fifty years (fifty years!) following her…Continue reading New release 12/17–EXILE OF THE CROWN


So I’m still figuring out this whole online presence thing. Everyone has their opinions about it–how often to tweet, what to say on your blog, how to work a Pinterest page (that one mystifies me still). But my problem is a little more fundamental–I’m having trouble with getting my blog to update at all. I…Continue reading Experiment

The 140-character Pitch

About a month ago I participated in a couple of Twitter events for writers, #pitmad and #carinapitch. These are Twitter things where for twelve hours or so, you can pitch your book in nice bite-sized 140-character elevator pitches for agents and editors to look at; the first was general, the second for Carina Press. I…Continue reading The 140-character Pitch