The solstices and equinoxes are particularly important to Tremontanans due to how the lines of power are affected by them. They are at their strongest at the solstices (the Tremontanan holidays of Midsummer and Wintersmeet) and at their weakest at the equinoxes (Harvest and Springtide).

Wintersmeet: the biggest festival of the year. Though customs vary throughout the country, it is a time of gift-giving and celebration, with lots of parties and dances. It is considered good luck to get betrothed on Wintersmeet Day.

Springtide: A time of new beginnings. One universally celebrated tradition is a thorough housecleaning, which usually leads to Spring Fairs in which people sell things they’ve made over the winter or things they no longer need. Marriages are never performed at Springtide because of how weak the lines of power are, despite the symbolism of the new beginnings.

Midsummer: A more religious holiday than Wintersmeet. Tremontane does not have an official clergy or church, as there is no one in ungoverned heaven to receive their devotions, but Midsummer is a time for people to consider their lives, make new goals, reconcile with others, and commit to changing bad behaviors. It is considered lucky to get married on Midsummer Day.

Harvest: Though this holiday always occurs on the autumn equinox, its celebration varies widely from year to year and in towns and cities across Tremontane because it is intended to reflect a community’s needs and wishes. Most often it is simply a celebration of the harvest, with feasts and community gatherings. In places less dependent on the harvest, it’s a symbolic, sometimes perfunctory observation. Some towns don’t celebrate it at all.