10/19/22–UPDATE ON THE LAST ORACLE AUDIOBOOKS: I’ve just approved THE BOOK OF DESTINY audio book for distribution! Expect to see the book at most retailers (including Spotify now!) in 20-30 days, and at Audible in 30-45 days. Thanks for your patience!

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Available on August 23, 2022



LONDON, 1816. After many years confined to an asylum when her ability to sense the emotions of others drove her temporarily mad, Lydia Wescott, Extraordinary Discerner, now serves England as a secret agent. Recruited by the Duke of Craythorne to stop a threat to the King of England, Lydia travels to the American colonies, where intrigue and treason threaten on every side.

Lydia wants nothing more than to put her Discerner’s talent to good use, but her hard-won control could be an illusion. As Lydia and Craythorne close in on the traitors, Lydia’s talent may be the downfall not only of England’s enemies, but of herself.

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