The View From Castle Always

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For centuries, men and women have come to Castle Always to receive a destiny. And for centuries, few of those questers have survived to return home. Mysterious, difficult to find, and possibly sentient, the Castle keeps its secrets hidden away where no one will think to look for them.

Ailanthe isn’t like the other questers. Unable to endure the touch of the trees of her forest home, she comes to the Castle hoping for something that will allow her to return home again. But the Castle refuses to let her leave–and worse, it’s trying to kill her.

With the help of Coren, a man who’s also trapped in the Castle, and the mysterious cat Miriethiel, Ailanthe must unravel the truth about the Castle not only to gain her freedom, but to save her life.

8 thoughts on “The View From Castle Always

    1. That’s because I was a little slow today. 🙂 I’ve sent you an email with the .epub and .mobi files; you just choose which one you want. Thanks–and let me know if you have any other problems.

  1. Is this book still available? I have signed up for your newsletter. And I’m willing to buy it too!

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