These are some short stories set in the worlds of my novels, free for download–though some of them may contain spoilers, so be aware!

Consolation–a short story prequel to EMISSARY. For Zerafine and Gerrard, calming an angry ghost is just part of the job–but this is no ordinary spirit.

Perfect: Evon only wants one perfect night, but fate has other plans. Occurs immediately after the ending of THE SMOKE-SCENTED GIRL. (Spoilers!)

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  1. Hello!
    I just finished TheBook of Secrets. Very nicely done! I really enjoyed reading it! So much so that I have to ask if there is a sequel in the works?


    Katie I

    1. My understanding is that you’ve written all 9? books in The Last Oracle series. Do you have an update on when book 6 will come out?

      1. Yes, all nine are written. Book 6, The Book of Havoc, will be out April 21, 2020. I hope to release the rest of the series shortly after that.

  2. I just finished The Book of Havoc, and it was terrific! Do you have a release date yet for book 7 in the series?

    1. Book 7, The Book of Harmony, will be out June 2, 2020. The cover is being finalized right now and it should be up for preorder very soon. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series!

  3. Fun series! I stumbled onto it on Amazon. Not what I usually read and was pleasantly surprised how good they are. My only complaint is the books are too short! Keep writing, thanks, Patty

    1. There will eventually be audiobooks for all of The Last Oracle. Unfortunately, each one takes about six to eight weeks to produce, and they are also very expensive, so it’s a slow process. I anticipate the 8th book being out early 2022, and the 9th to follow a few months later. Thanks for your interest! It’s questions like this that encourage me to keep going with the audio productions.

      1. It’s May 2022 and I’ve read and listened to all 7 books in the Last Oracle series. Then realized there is no audible book for books 8 and 9. Any updates on when they will be out?

        1. Thanks for asking! I should probably put the update schedule somewhere visible… As of today (May 19, 2022) book 8 is off to retailers for review, which means Audible will list it in no more than a month and a half. Book 9 just entered the narrator’s schedule, and she’s pretty fast, so I hope to have that one ready in another six weeks. Thanks for your patience!

          1. I tried so hard to pace myself, but I binged them. 😂 I just finished Book 8 on audible, and I am so excited for The Book of Destiny!

          2. I love to hear that! The audiobook for The Book of Destiny is on track for October (I hope!). I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series.

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