The Extraordinaries

In 1665, plague swept the world, leaving death in its wake. Some of those stricken fell into deep unconsciousness, and woke fully healed and in possession of unusual talents: the power to speak mind-to-mind, the power to instantly transport from one place to another, and many others. Of those, a few had talents far greater, among them the power of flight, the power of healing, and the power to control fire.

In England, a century and a half later, those talents are respected and made an integral part of society. Given titles such as Scorcher, Bounder, Mover and so forth, most of the talented use their gifts to strengthen the Empire their country has become. Those whose talents are greater than the norm have come to be known as Extraordinaries.

With Napoleon, an Extraordinary Coercer–capable of manipulating people’s emotions to whip them into a frenzy of love or hate or fear–menacing Europe, England’s magical talent is called on to defend their country against his forces. THE EXTRAORDINARIES follows the lives of several Extraordinary women who fight not only a magical war, but the expectations and even prejudices of their society.