Missing By Moonlight

The Second Book of the Dark Goddess

Paladin of the Goddess Ginnevra Cassaline and her companion, the werewolf Eodan, want to teach people the truth about how good werewolves turn their backs on the Goddess’s enemy, the Bright One. But as a new challenge arises, they must temporarily set aside their personal quest. Men and women are going missing in the city of Uparde, including Ginnevra’s aunt, a retired paladin, and Revered Parenogne, leader of Uparde’s religious community.

When Ginnevra receives responsibility for solving the mystery, the task draws Ginnevra and Eodan deeper into the secrets at the heart of the city. Between their conflict with someone intent on getting credit for finding the lost, and the ongoing interference of a mysterious woman apparently gifted with the Goddess’s power, can Ginnevra discover the truth before time runs out for all the missing?

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