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SHADOW PROPHET special offer

Today I’m featuring something new–not my own book, but one by fellow author Andrea Pearson. She’s a great writer who’s published so many exciting books, and today she wants to share an opportunity for you to pick up her new book and win some free stuff! But I’ll let her tell you about it…


Hi, everyone! My name is Andrea Pearson, and I’m super excited to share my newest book with you! Shadow Prophet is about a man who is being blackmailed into murdering the woman he loves. It’s a fast-paced, nail-biting story—a true escape from every-day life and concerns. (Because how many of us aren’t trying to get out of murdering people we love? Er… please don’t answer that question. :-D)

I’m positive you’ll enjoy this story. To help you get started, I’m sharing a teaser from the first chapter below. Everyone who downloads Shadow Prophet between now and October 20, 2019 will be gifted some AWESOME stuff, including free novels, exclusive stories, and commissioned illustrations. Details on how to get your bonuses are in the author note at the end of Shadow Prophet!

Here’s the description for Shadow Prophet:

Bound to destroy the woman he loves…
Abel hasn’t seen Lizzie in at least seven years, and his experiences since then have changed him significantly. He’s sure he’s moved past his earlier crush, that he’s immune to her carefree and bubbly personality, but the moment his eyes land on her, he knows he’s still in love. Instead of a joyful reunion, though, he only suffers agony at being in her presence again. Because he’s being blackmailed into murdering her.
If you enjoy high-stakes fantasy action and fast-moving paranormal stories, you’ll love Shadow Prophet, book one in an addictive fantasy romance series. Grab your copy now from one of the following retailers:   ~   Apple   ~   Kobo   ~   Nook
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I can’t wait to hear what you think of this book! Here’s that teaser from the first chapter to whet your appetite:

Shadow Prophet

Chapter One

I refused to look in her eyes as I pulled the knife from her now-still heart and wiped the blade, her blood staining the fresh white cloth I’d brought for this purpose.

She hadn’t struggled.

None of them had yet, though I wasn’t sure why.

My heart thudded dully against my ribs, making me choke on unwanted emotions. I wouldn’t allow myself to think, to feel. Not yet.

Before her magical powers could flow away, I removed a vial from my backpack, holding it against her temple while chanting words I’d memorized months earlier.

A silver-blue, steam-like gas flowed through her skin like smoke from dry ice. With gentle waves of my other hand, I encouraged it to enter the vial, then put the cap on and carefully tucked it back into its protected pouch for later retrieval.

Five down.

Two to go.

The last two would be the hardest.

I still couldn’t believe I’d ever done the first.

Finally, with my jaw clenched, I looked at her face, so stricken now in death. It had been happy, excited even when she’d granted me access to her apartment. I reached over and closed her eyelids, hating that I was the last thing she’d seen.

I’m so sorry. I cleared my throat and shook my head. Plead my case when you get there. I hope you’ll understand.

I took a shuddering breath before lurching to my feet and stumbling away from the body.

No one would miss her, not for a very long time, regardless of how powerful she was or how well known or loved.

He had seen to all those details a long time ago.

I made sure my things were packed away before pulling my phone from my pocket and sending a quick text to the number I’d saved in my device a few days earlier.It’s ready.

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