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When unquiet ghosts walk the earth, the servants of Atenas, God of Death, guide them to their final rest in His domain. For six years, Zerafine, priestess of Atenas, and her companion Gerrard have walked the known world, bringing peace to the dead and fair judgment to the living. Hated and feared as a death-bringer by many, Zerafine has never regretted her decision to serve Atenas and never doubted her ability to carry out His will.

Until now.

An unexpected assignment from the Archpriest of Atenas sends Zerafine and Gerrard to Portena, the oldest city in the world, in pursuit of a kind of ghost no one has ever seen before: spirits that vanish before they can be sent to Atenas’s court, appearing and reappearing at random. As emissary of Atenas, Zerafine’s task is to discover the true nature of these ghosts and find a way to bring them peace. But Zerafine’s task puts her at odds not only with the rulers of Portena, but with the high priest of another God, and she soon realizes that all is not as it seems in the great city. If Zerafine fails to learn the truth and put these ghosts to rest, it could mean disaster not only for Portena, but for the world.

2 thoughts on “Emissary

  1. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the world you’ve created in Emmissary. Are you ever going to come back to it in future books?

    1. I’m glad you found the world so appealing! I spent a lot of time and energy creating it, and it makes me sad that I only have one book set there. I would like to come back to that world, but finding the right story has been difficult. It would be sort of anticlimactic to continue Zerafine and Gerrard’s adventures, because what could I do to top the ending of Emissary? So it would have to be new characters, and I have enough other projects in the works that I haven’t given it any serious thought yet. But it’s definitely a possibility!

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