Sesskia’s Diary, part 188

1, possibly 2, Seresstine, very early

Nessan woke me an hour ago and said, “Time for practice.” He’s far more diligent than I am, but he’s right, we need to practice. He took three mages elsewhere in the camp while I worked with Tobiak, who still hasn’t mastered the concealment pouvra.

Nessan told me, when we were dividing our mage army, to leave half the spies behind, then he told me which ones were coming. I didn’t argue with him, even though I’m concerned about Tobiak’s skills in general and not just his lack of the concealment pouvra, because Nessan has many years’ experience in training intelligence officers and his instincts are excellent.

So I have Rutika, Relania, Tobiak, and Alessabeka, and I have no idea what use Nessan will make of us. I don’t even know what he had the others do. But Tobiak is almost there, and I think if we work on it tomorrow he’ll be able to work the concealment pouvra by nightfall—just in time for Nessan to drag him (and possibly me) off to some training exercise. I’m almost looking forward to it.