New release 12/17–EXILE OF THE CROWN

ExileoftheCrown-eBook (2)I never imagined, when I wrote the first three books of Tremontane, that Zara North would be so popular. In response to all the questions about what happened to her after SERVANT OF THE CROWN, I wrote a novella touching on a few events of her life over the fifty years (fifty years!) following her “death.” Titled EXILE OF THE CROWN, it’s available for preorder at–and it’s only 99 cents! I hope you’ll read it and enjoy it!

In other news, the third novel, AGENT OF THE CROWN, will be out early in 2016, and the fourth novel, VOYAGER OF THE CROWN, is due to be published by June of 2016. AGENT is the story of Elspeth and Owen’s daughter Telaine, and VOYAGER is Zara’s own novel. Following that is a trilogy about Willow North, the first North Queen, release date to be determined later.


2 thoughts on “New release 12/17–EXILE OF THE CROWN

  1. I haven’t heard anything new about your next book VOYAGER OF THE CROWN. Will it be published soon?

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve had to set VOYAGER OF THE CROWN aside–it just wasn’t coming together. I think writing a book about Zara North may be beyond me. The next book will be PRETENDER TO THE CROWN, which is about Willow North, first of the North family, but it’s the first of a trilogy and I want to have all three books written before I publish the first one. Which means it will probably be available around the first of next year.

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